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All I Am CoverAll I Am

Just Love's new CD has twelve new songs. Amy, Kerin and Tim sing a full range of emotions. Stuart Wilson on violin and Todd Robbins on mandolin.

Our Time to Be coverOur Time to Be

Just Love's second CD (2011) has twelve songs of heartfelt connection (to each other, to our children, to Spirit and to the Earth).

GuitarsCalling In

Our first CD (2009) has ten songs to sweetly move you. Amy sings them all with depth and passion.

You can buy 1, 2 or 3 CD's all for $10 (includes shipping). Just say which ones you want, and pay $10 with this paypal button.
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Here are some of the songs:


Calling In



Calling in awareness of Spirit


A song of letting go

Canyon Prayer

No matter which way we turn, we are going home

Sky & Sea

A celebration of our expansive connection to wind & wave

You Are With Me

Some bonds are eternal



Under the Moon

The magic nights of communal celebration

The Pull

Surrendering guidance in a time of need

Breath of Sky

The freedom that lies in a simple act, a simple life

Pirate Ship

Holding steady in times of change

Only Love

Everywhere, all the time

Our Time to Be


By the Morning

Finding heaven on earth

Thank You

Gratitude: A way of life


Yearning for connection to Spirit

"Til Day Breaks

Our loving commitment to our children

The Heart Outside

Reconnecting with our source

On This Day

We are always going home



I Found You

Discovering Spirit everywhere


So precious are children

Carved in Stone

I will always be there

Lay Me Down

Grounding ourselves in relationships


An ode to St. Francis

When You're Sleeping

Rest peacefully with love

All I Am


Warm Heart

Welcome home

Carry Me

Still connected to parents who have passed on

I Hear a Song

Allowing the moment to sing you

D-Day + 60 Years

Tribute from a Vietnam Peacenik to WW2 Veterns

This is My Prayer

Speaking one's peace to a father deceased

Let it Burn

Capturing the magic of Burning Man

Sweetly Release

Spirit is all we are

Walk in Grace

Based on a Lakota Prayer

Healing Waters

Going to the river for redemption

Heaven Now

The prayer that's always there

In Your Arms

Resting in the beloved

Water & Stone

The long journey home