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From "Calling In"



Tim Hartnett

D                               Bm                         D
Calling, calling in, Spirit, Great Great Spirit.
D                               Bm                         D
Imagine everything, Imagine every person. 
 G                Asus4         D                 G             Asus        D
Without any reason to fear, cause there’s only one of us here                                                  
D            A  G   D                  A  G  D 
All we need is Love  All we are is Love

D                                      Bm                         D                                
Accepting all that is.  No mine, no yours, no his.
D                                         Bm                          D
Giving it all away.  Choosing love, in everything I say.
G                 Asus                  D                   G                 Asus         D
Raising our voice loud and clear, knowing there’s only one of us here
D            A  G   D                  A  G  D 
All we need is Love  All we are is Love

D                               Bm                         D
Open, opening.  The heart, the one great heart.
D                     Bm                                        D
Trusting, the power inside, Opening, all the way
G           Asus       D       G           Asus         D
Life is, to feel this joy.  Life is, to feel this joy. 
D            A  G   D                  A  G  D 
All we need is Love  All we are is Love


Tim Hartnett

[C] [Dm] [F] [C] [G]

[C]A great stone in the [Dm]river, [F]blackened by the water’s [C]flow[G]
[C]Parts the current in the [Dm]middle, [F]‘til it rejoins down be[C]low[G]

You can cross where the old tree is down, or you can let- your feet- get wet
But what you lose to the river, you never will forget       [F]

[C] [F] [C] [G]   (twice)

The sun is down behind the hill, but I’m not sure when I’ll leave
‘Cause something keeps me at the water’s edge, when I know I have to grieve

[C]‘Cause the clouds have darkened[Dm] in the sky.  [F]I fear more rain is on the [G]way
And all I have is this river, that takes everything away.    [F]


Should I tell you about the one I loved?  Should I whisper that sweet name?
And pour more tears in the water, to mix with the rain

[C]Well I could really use a [Dm]friend right now, [F]who is not afraid to [G]stay
[C]With me beside a [Dm]river, [F]that takes everything a[C]way[G] [F]     


Canyon Prayer

Tim Hartnett

I have [G]come once a[D]gain to the [C]rock at the edge of the [G]rim
Where the [Em]hawk can lie [C]still in the [D]sky
Be[G]low the canyon [D]wall almost [C]beckons me to [G]fall
With a [Em]promise on the [C]wind that I would [D]fly

            [C]I came here to [Am]be with you [F]to listen and to [G]pray
            [C]To lay between the [Am]flat red rock [F]and the sun on my [G]skin
            [F]Lost in the [G]heat seeping [Bm]into both muscle and [Em]bone
            ‘Til I’m [Am]grateful to drink of your [C]water and cool down a[D]gain

I know I will not last and everything I know will pass
Every prisoner in the end is set free
Each breath is a song, and we only breathe for so long
So I will let you sing through me

Instrumental: G-cd  Bm  Em-dc  B7  C  G  Dsus4    

In truth I came to this ledge ‘cause my life has come to an edge
And I will not go on alone.
On one side, an abyss, on the other, all that I’d miss
No matter which way I turn, I will go home.

            I came here to be with you to listen and to pray
            Through the sand and sage of a riverbed of some long ago day
            Where the trail meets the sky and the wind rising up the canyon wall
            In a voice that could only be yours calls out my name

So I go to the light, the only place my heart feels right
And I pick up a stone where I stand
Separation I cast, leaving only what I know will last
And I lay my life in your hands

‘Til the rock in my bones blows as free as the sands
I lay my life in your hands

You Are With Me

Andrew Davis

Dm  Am  G  Am

Dm           Am           G                                 Am
No one sees the stones at the bottom of the river.
                    F                        C                        G
But those stones give it direction and send it on its way.
Dm           Am           G                          Am
No one sees the gentle love and kindness
             F                          C                      G
Than made me who I am and that brought me here today.

              C                    F                  C
In the quiet of the morning I hear you.
            C                           Am      G
In the sunlight of the day I see you.
              C                  G                  Am           F   
In the cool of the night I gather you around me.
                  C            G               C
You are with me, you are with me.

Dm  Am  G  Am / Dm  Am  G

Dm                                Am                G                 Am
You reach out with my hands, you look out through my eyes.
F                          C                                     G
You are in my blood you are in my bone.
Dm                      Am          G                        Am
You were my first touch, my first and deepest loss.
F                      C                              G
It’s my turn now to bring you home.


F                                             C
So many years since we said our last goodbye
Dm                                                             G
But I still carry you in my heart and in my dreams
F                                              C
And when I join you we both shall be carried
             Dm                                                          G
In the hearts of children’s children who we have never seen.

Repeat last line

Under The Moon

Tim Hartnett

Verse:              [C]Under the moon, by the [F]fire[C]light                                        
                        At the [F]change of the [G]season
                        [C]There’s not a heart that will be [F]left out to[C]night
                        Not for [F]any [C]reason

                        [C]When the dancers be[F]come the [C]dance
                        And the [F]singers are the [G]song
                        [C]Under it all is the [F]beat of the [C]drum
                        Carrying [F]all of us a[C]long

Bridge:   [F]Only the [G]love that [C]burns in[F]side
               [F]Can guide us [G]in this [C]life
               [F]Only that [G]love, and [Em]nothing [Dm]else [retard]                              
                Can [Am]hold us [F]all to[G]night                                                                

[C]We are [G]all going [F]home in the [C]morning
[Am]Rising [G]up in the [F]light[G]
So [C]now while we [G]still have the [F]time of our [C]lives
Let’s [F]sing and [G]dance all [C]night.

Instrumental Verse (one) & Bridge

                        In this circle of human hearts
                        A prayer is dancing around
                        Like naked feet on the naked earth
                        Rising up from the ground

                        And when our voices can sing no more
                        And our bodies cry for rest
                        Pass the torch to the young and strong
                        And our children will be blessed

               [F]Only the [G]love that [C]burns in[F]side
               [F]Can guide us [G]in this [C]life
               [F]Only that [G]love, and [Em]nothing [Dm]else [retard]
                Can [Am]hold us [F]all to[G]night

[C]We are [G]all going [F]home in the [C]morning
[Am]Rising [G]up in the [F]light[G]
So [C]now while we [G]still have the [F]time of our [C]lives
Let’s [F]sing and [G]dance all [Am]night, All [E]night, All [F]night, All [G]night  

Repeat Bridge, then jam on:

[F] Only the [G] love

The Pull

Amy Cooper

Intro:  C  G  Am

C                     G
I’m taking a ride with you
F                      G
Don’t know where we’re going
C                    G
The autumn sky is blue
F               G
And the leaves are turning
Dm          C            G           Am
And the air is full, so we breathe it in
Dm       C               G          F
And I feel the pull to my knees again

I’m letting go of you
Don’t know what I’m doing
But it’s the right thing to do
And I feel we’re shifting
And our love is full, so we breathe it in
And I feel the pull to my knees again

Oh God, give me strength
To release this feeling
Let me have the Truth
Let me have You with me
Let my cup be full, let me breathe again
Help me feel the pull, to my knees again
F                G                 C             F
Know that I am lost, know that I am scared
                          G              C               F
Know that I’d pay the cost, just to have You here
Oh God, help me through this
C                         F
I’ll surrender to you now
I’ll give my life to you
C                      F
If you’ll only show me how
                  G                             C
Oh God, lend your Grace to me
I will follow humbly
                 G                          C        F            G    C
Wrap me in your arms and hold me…..Hold me.


Breath of Sky

Tim Hartnett

                   D                                  G
You took a breath of sky, and let it go
You took a breath of sky, and let it go
                A                     G   A                      D     G     D
And you gave me everything, that I need to know

You took your own sweet time, getting over the hill
You took your own sweet time, getting over the hill
And if freedom ever would, I know you will.

A        G               D
Everytime, that I sing to you
A            G        Bm       A
All that I am, I bring to you.

You took only what you had, when you came to this place
You took only what you had, when you came to this place
And you said, “Life is not a meal. It is just a taste.”

Everytime, that you sing to me
All that I am, returns to me.

You took a breath of sky, and let it go
You took a breath of sky, and let it go
And you gave me everything, that I need to know


Pirate Ship

Amy Cooper

Capo 2nd fret

D              G               D                                     G
Send me a pirate ship, with tattered sails and worn floorboards.
D               G              D                         G
Sail me across the sea, to your rocky shore.
A                               Em              A                   Em
And I will walk the plank for you.  I will walk it slow and blind.
A                            Em            A                                       Em
And you can watch faithfully, as your ship leaves me behind.

            D                  G                   Em                                         A
            Cause I know how to swim, in these waters ‘round your shore.
            D            G             Em                   A
            And I am not afraid, of the ocean floor

Just let me know you’re there for me, with your loving grin.
And I’ll stay here in the sea, ‘til your tide pulls me in.

The sea has always been my home.  I know it well my dear.
Though on dry land I may roam, I belong out here.

Cause I know how to swim, in these waters ‘round your shore.
And I am not afraid, of the ocean floor.


Only Love

Tim Hartnett

Drop D Tuning
No capo

When the rain has beat down on the roof all night
When our eyes are still wary of the light
And we send the bad dreams back where they came from
When the tallest trees are first kissed by the sun
            When nothing really can be said for sure
            Cause the dawn has opened up a whole new world
            There is only love. There is only love.

When the hand in your pocket holds a polished stone
When you’re tired and you’re lost and you want just to be home
When the rabbit checks for shadows in the sky
And we work on the how of a long forgotten why
            When the trail begins to head out of the wood
            And someone somewhere shouts out something good
            There is only love. There is only love.

When I’ easy as the colors on the trees
When there’s stories blowing on the autumn breeze
When the deer go to their secret place to sleep
And the back door opens with that familiar creak
            When you’re standing where I always knew you’d be
            When I’ve lost track of what’s you and what is me
            There is only love. There is only love.

In the clearing when the owl has found her prey
When things change so fast, when pain won’t go away
When darkness presses on the window pane
And it scares me to be only flesh and name
            When I’m still enough and the silence reaches deep
            When the time comes and there’s nothing I can keep
            There is only love. There is only love.


From "Our Time to Be"


By the Morning

Tim Hartnett

Verse 1:
Come the wind
Come the rain
              C                              F
Let the water wash the slate again
          C                       G
I was lost and did not know
                  F          G             C
But by the morning, I’ll be home.

Verse 2:
Touch the Sky
Touch the ground
Reach for heaven and bring it down
I was lost and did not know
But by the morning, I’ll be home

Bridge 1:
F                                      C
Mountains freeze in the winter
G                             C
Deserts bake in the sun
F                                         C
But when you come to the water
Am                      G
Your journey is done

Instrumental Verse

Bridge 2:
F                       C
I will always remember
G                                     C
The night I stood on the hill
F                        C
I felt you all around me
Am                                      G
And you flow through me still

(Repeat first two verses)


Thank You

Amy Cooper

Capo 2     Intro: C/Em

[C]The candle [Em] flickers
[Am]A breeze blows [Em] gently through the [C] room
An open [Em] window
[Am] The smell of [Em] honeysuckle [Dm] blooms
The sound of [C] crickets
[F] The darkness of the [G] night

The clock is ticking
It counts the hours I lie awake
My heart is beating
Reminding me just what’s at stake
I am living
My life is what I make

Chorus: F/G/C/Am
Thank you for my life
Thank you for all the love
Thank you for watching me
Thank you for not ever leaving me

Thank you for rainy days
Thank you for shooting stars
Thank you for dragonflies
Thank you for mysteries

Instrumental Bridge: F/Em/Em7/F/Am Em/F/F/G/G

Life has a meaning
It’s anything that you believe
Love wants to happen
I am open to receive
The greatest treasure
The deepest love there is



Amy Cooper

C G D Em      C G D
I want my soul to feel the fire from within                                       
If I could only know myself
Then maybe I could rise above this bitter wind                                            
That’s got me achin’ to the bone

I’ve come so far and yet the road goes on and on
Thought I had learned all there was to know
But the winds they shifted, a summer breeze to an autumn chill
And now I’m standin’ here alone

Em  C
Why am I so hungry?
Who can feed my soul?
Who can stop this yearning?
Em                            F
Who can make me whole?

D  Em
Where does the darkness end
Where does the light begin?
When can I see your face?
When will I feel your grace?

C G D Em      C G D
I rest within these words, though weary I’ve become
They’re what I feel and what I know
Though I may never have the courage to reveal
A deeper truth, a greater song

And I know that by your grace and by your will
I will find my way back home
Though I’m stranded now, I know it won’t be long
Till I am knockin’ at your door


'Til Day Breaks

Tim Hartnett

I’ll stay with [G]you ‘til you’re asleep
No [Em]matter how long it takes
I’ll be [C]right by your [D]side
‘Til day [G]breaks

For I know that fear
Rides on the mist at night
And it takes a warm body near
To feel alright

[D]Someday you will [C]leave this home
[G]And set out on your [D]own
And I only hope you remember this
Whenever you’re alone.

I will hold you when you cry
No matter how long it takes
There’s nothing else I need to do
‘Til day breaks

For I know that your smile
Is right behind your tears
And you just need somebody here
To feel alright

Someday I’ll see a photograph
Of the innocence in your eyes
And there’s no dam that can hold the flood
When it comes my time to cry

Feel my breath, soft and slow
First it gives and then it takes
Rest your head upon my chest
‘Til day breaks

I can feel the love
That filled my heart when you were born
And I know that we both
Will be alright


The Heart Outside

Mike Weaver

Capo 3

You [G] ask me if I’d die
To save the [G4/C] thing that I believe in.
As if [G] that’s the truest measure
Of [G4/C] one’s love for another.
I say [Am] yes if it would save you
I’d die [G] three or four times over, but
I’d [F] have to look behind each time
To see [E] what I was leavin’

We are the [A] dust of ancient star forms
We are the [E] quiver of a leaf. We will
[F#m] roar with the pain of mountains
When we [D] awaken from our sleep
There is no [A] line of separation
Yet we’ve [E] forgotten all the rest
And the [F#m] heart that’s [E] slowly
[D] breaking  (retard)
Is the [C#7] one outside our [F#m] chest

 [Instr] F#m D   F#m D

Can any of us [G] remember
How it [G4/C] felt to be relations
With the [G] flutter in the treetops
With the [G4/C] stones along the river
When our [Am] deep compassion left us
Did we [G] give a little shiver
Did we [F] feel it leave our bodies
Did we  [E] grieve the separation

Chorus 2
We are the [A] dust of ancient star forms
We are the [E] quiver of a leaf
We will [F#m] roar with the pain of mountains
When we [D] awaken from our sleep
And the [A] poison in the oceans
Will be [E] ours to help digest
But can our [F#m] hearts be [E] tuned to
[D] listen (retard)
To the [C#7] one outside our [F#m] chest

 [Instr] F#m D   F#m Bm   Em  D  C 

And so I  [G] ask of you in turn:
Must I [G4/C] die to be a lover
To [G] awake from this enchantment
And be [G4/C] reborn into creation?
Listen [Am] carefully, you whisper,
To join the [G] dance of celebration
[F] Remove yourself from off your throne,
And [E] give it to another

For you’re the [A] dust of ancient star forms
you are the [E] quiver of a leaf
You will [F#m] roar with the pain of mountains
when you [D] awaken from your sleep
There is no [A] line of separation
But you’ve [E] forgotten all the rest, and the
[F#m] heart you’re [E] slowly [D] breaking
(no retard)
Is the [E7] one outside your [A] chest.

There is no [A] line of separation,
I will [E] remember all the rest
And [F#m] open my [E] small [D] heart
To the [C#7] one outside my [F#m] chest


On This Day

Tim Hartnett

C  Am7 F  CG
C  Am7 F  G
Am Em F  CG
Am Em Am Em
F    G   pause

On this day I return to what I know
Find the old road that I travelled as a child
Through the gateway trees on a summer morning breeze
To a small hill top under a great big sky
On this day I know I’m going home

I rest here until I hear the soft drum
Beat to the wings of geese that fly beyond the sun
Like water in my hand, the torn pieces of the plan
Float like snow and settle on the land
And rest until I know I’m going home.

C F Fm C

Fm /C  (four times)
Each soul is carried
By a wind that blows on and on
Each soul is carried
Til we find where we belong

Take my hand and tell me where you’re from
We will walk and walk and walk until we come
To a valley we both know, though it was so long ago
Take my hand. I’m afraid to go alone

Even though I know we’re going home.


I Found You

Tim Hartnett

Drop D tuning

Verse 1:
D                       G          D
As far as I can see, I see you
D                                  G          D
Even where nobody goes, I see you
Bm                           A
Way out on a desert rock
      Bm                            A   D
And way up on a mountain top
           A                 G                  D
I found you, I found you, I found you.

Verse 2:

And when I close my eyes, I hear you.
Even when there is not a sound, I hear you.
In the voice that’s singing through me now
Whispering just like a sacred vow
I found you, I found you, I found you.

Instrumental verse

Verse 3:

In the newborn eyes of my baby girl twenty years ago, I met you
And I swear one time in the bathroom mirror, unexpectedly, I met you
And when my mother smiled on me the last time
Knowing she would leave us behind
I found you, I found you, I found you.
I found you, I found you, I found you.



Andrew Davis

Capo 3

G                                  D         C                                      D                    G
My little girl found a butterfly, Yellow and black with small spots of blue.
      G                                D                                   C                             D                  G
A tear in one wing like a blue jay might make, it lay on the ground alone and confused.
         C                           G                                   C                        Am                    D
Without hesitation she held out her hand.  Without hesitation it climbed on and stayed.
         G                                    D                               C                 D            G
For hours ‘til the end of that spring afternoon, my girl and her butterfly played.
          C           D             G               Em              C                                      D
Now anyone older than five would know that a butterfly would someday go
           C            D          G                Em   C                                    Am             D
But I found her later, a face full of tears, singing this song in her little voice clear:

            G                                 Am     
            Butterfly come back.  Butterfly come back.
            C                           D      G
            Come back butterfly to me.
                      G                              Am
            If the jay didn’t eat you, if you can still hear me,
            C                 D                G
            Come back butterfly to me.

         G                                     D                               C                  D               G
She cried in my arms like the day she was born, so trusting and pure in her heart.
    G                                   D                                C                                                    D                G
I felt I could hold her forever that way, but her grief soon was finished, she went back to the yard
                 C                                                            G                        C                                     D
All these moments flow through my hands like water, but in each moment I’m richer than kings
          G                                 D              C                         D               G
This child is as precious as breathing, soft as a feather, strong as a wing
          C          D      G             Em             C                                        D
Now anyone old as I should know that a little girl would someday grow
         C                G              Em     C                                     Am                 D
But here I am a face full of tears, singing her song, looking back on the years. 



Carved in Stone

Tim Hartnett


There’s a call from the moon tonight
I listen here in the sacred light

There’s a promise that I made to you
No matter what life puts us through

In the glow you lay softly
I breathe the dreams you send to me
And by the moon I know

The raven’s cry is far away
And we will rise to another day

So don’t be scared, you are not alone
For my choice, it is carved in stone


Lay Me Down

Tim Hartnett

Capo 3

Verse 1:
                G                     D
Lay me down for a while
                      Em                                     C
‘Neath the shade of a cottonwood tree
                            Am                 C
These swollen feet need a break
                 D                                           G
And my soul needs a chance to breathe

Verse 2:

Let this rock be my bed
Let my mind go where it’s led
While my Spirit climbs the breeze
And finds the sky above these trees

Instrumental Verse

C                                      G
I could lie here for a million years
Em                                           D
Or I could just get up and go
C                                                G   G/F#  Em    (pause)
But I can’t be all that you want me to be
C (bass note only)                    D
A million times I’ve told you so

Verse 3:

Will you join, me in flight
Above the trees, in the clear sunlight
Where an outstretched wing, can ride the breeze
And there’s room, for all our dreams



Tim Hartnett

Long a[D]go the town of Asissi
Sent a [D/C] young man off to [D]war
They say the battlefield made him crazy
And he [D/C]ran back to his mother’s [D]door
Crying, “The [G]Lord has made me an [D]instrument.
And [G]I am just like a little [D]bird.”
And he [A]spoke only of [G]love
With all of his [D]words.

But this young man was cast out
When he tried to give his father’s wealth away.
So barefoot in the countryside
Francesco found another way.
He said, “I cannot serve two masters,
So I must make a simple choice.”
And he spoke only of love
With all of his voice.

Well, we all know Francesco
For he lives in every soul.
And in the birds outside your window
Whose songs can make you whole.
For every creature is a blessing.
And each life a precious work of art.
So sing only of love
With all of your heart.

So sing only of love
With all of your heart.


When You're Sleeping

Tim Hartnett

[F2] [Am7] [F2/D] [C]
When you’re sleeping, Love surrounds you
When you’re rising, Love abounds in you
And when you’re laughing, Love flows through you

            [Bb]Beyond the ocean’s [C]wide horizon
            [Bb]Waves roll [C]on endless and [Dm]free
            [Bb]And in the [C]great expanse of [F]his[Bb]tory
            This season [C]is our time to [F2+]be

When you’re sleeping, Love surrounds you
When you’re singin, Love abounds in you
And when you’re crying, Love flows through you

            [Bb]Sometimes a sure and [C]quiet touch
            [Bb]Is the only [C]healing [Dm]balm
            [Bb]Some[C]times even the [F]o[Bb]cean
            breathes a [C]softness and is [F2+]calm

When you’re sleeping, Love surrounds you
When you’re dancing, Love abounds in you
And when you’re dreaming, Love flows through you


And when you’re sleeping, Love surrounds you.


from All I Am


Warm Heart

Tim Hartnett

C  G  Am  F / C  G  F
There’s a warm heart waiting for you
When you get home

And there’s a big smile waiting for you
When you get home


Take all the time that you need
Live your dreams

And see everything that you want to see
‘Til you’re ready

Bridge:  F  C  Am  G  (repeat) (high g drone)
The morning sun will always fill the sky
And I know a love that will never die

There’s a warm heart waiting for you
When you get home

And there’s a big smile waiting for you
When you get home

Carry Me

Tim Hartnett

Verse: Am / G / F / F /

It’s been three years since I heard your voice
Where did you go?
I saw you walking in a dream last night
Along a river we both know

And where you lead I will follow
Though I cannot know why
You are the wind that lifts me
And my wings know only to fly

Chorus: C / G / Am / F /

Oh river, carry me
Down the mountain, carry me
Away with you, Away with you
Oh Oh carry me

Gone are the days of the biting cold
Gone is the house in the snow
I left you both by the frozen lake
The year that I let it all go

But now you walk in the silence
And I want you walking with me
So I am drawn to follow
Like a river is drawn to the sea


Bridge: G / Am / Bm / C / G / Am / C (pause) / D

Wait for me, I know I left you
After taking all that you gave
Yes, I left you, but now
I wanna come home

Slow Chorus

A little faster Chorus

Repeat last two lines and fade


I Hear a Song

Tim Hartnett

Dm / C
I hear a song in my bones, in my bones, in my bones
It’s running through me in my blood, in my blood, in my blood
Rising up from below, rising from where, I don’t know
But I hear a song in my bones, in my bones, in my bones

Am / Em / Am / Em / Am / Em / Dm / G
And with each breath, strong and slow
I can hold it in, or let it go

F / C / G / C
And sometimes I sing of all the love I know
F / C / Dm / G
And sometimes I sing to help my tears flow
F / C / G / Am
And sometimes I sing to welcome Spirit in
F / G / C
And sometimes I just sing

Verse 2:
I heard you singing in my dream, all alone, in my dream
And so I’m trusting you are here, you are here, you are here
My chest is longing for your hand; for the touch of your hand
Cause I heard you singing in my dream, all alone, in my dream

And with each breath, rising
I can hold you out, or let you in

Verse 3:

In my heart I hear a drum, steady on, hear the drum
Here with my people of the dance, of the dance , of the dance
Voices rising with the fire, in the smoke, to the sky
In my heart I hear a drum, steady on, hear the drum

And with each breath, deep and proud
I can hold it in, or sing it loud.


D-Day Plus 60 Years

Tim Hartnett

Intro & Turn-around C/G/Am/Em/F/C/G

There's [C]two old geysers in the truck up ahead
They're a[F]bout the age of my [C]dad.
There's a [F]World War II bomber etched in their rear win[C]dow
A memory they [G]share, I never had.
They're [C]driving kind of slow and I'd [F]really like to pass
But the [Dm]road is very [G]winding, it's not [F]safe to go too [C]fast. [G]

Now I had long hair and a leather head-band
And I was in sixth]grade
When my  oldest sister's boyfriend got shipped off to Viet Nam.
[C]I swore I'd go to Canada be[F]fore I'd ever fight[C]
And I [F]hated Richard [Dm]Nixon
I hated [G]him with all my [C]might.


My dad was in the Navy and he never killed a man
But he saw the bloody bodies as they littered the beach sand.
He doesn't like to think about it, he just shakes his head
But he [Dm]told me once about a [G]day in France
That left a [F]million young men [C]dead. [G]

So I know war is wrong
And I think I'm pretty smart
But I have never felt the fear of Hitler grab my heart.
And these two guys ahead, they may have saved me from that horror
Their [Dm]courage then to [G]steel themselves
They [F]still claim as their [C]honor. [G]


So when we hit a straight-away
And I pass them on the left
I catch their eye as I speed by
My chest draws a deep breath
They don't know I'm thanking them for 60 years ago
We both know things the other one may never come to know.

My [F]father fought for freedom and he [C]gave it all to me
It's this [Dm]freedom that I [G]stand upon as [F]I now fight for [C]peace.


This is My Prayer

Kerin Meri

      Capo 1

Verse: F C Dm G    F C G
Daddy did you know it would be this way? I cry for you every day.
And when I don’t, I simply say. “I need to cry today.”
I prey that I can forgive you and learn what you had to teach
But I am left yearning to know, what did you learn from me?
Now you are gone and there are gifts that come. You are here in the song.

Chorus: C G F C
This is my prayer
This is my prayer This is my prayer I don’t want to forget
This is my prayer This is my prayer And it brings me peace inside
Am G F C
It brings me my breath It brings me my joy
One day I won’t be angry anymore
There are some words that you’d never say
And I need to say them for me

Bridge: CGFC
I need to know you’re sorry for the ways you let me down
I need to know you’re proud of the woman I have  become
Couldn’t you have told me how you felt before you left
To give me something I can hold on to.

Verse 2: F  C Dm G      FCG
My brother and I stood on the beach with your ashes in our hands
We looked up to the sky. We spoke out to the sea, and we said “goodbye”
Of all the words I had to say, these meant the most to me:
“I’m sorry Dad, I didn’t stand up to you…. I was afraid
Maybe we’d never ever agree, at least we’d know where we stand,
And I wouldn’t wonder, did you ever know who I am.

Post Chorus:
Am  Em  Dm  Am
For me for me, I just need to say them for me
For me for me, I just need to sing them for me

Verse 3: F  C Dm  G      FCG
Oh life will never be the same, I am facing my pain
Don’t try to take it away my friends, just let me be
Look me in the eyes, as I cry, and witness me.



Let it Burn

Tim Hartnett

Capo 3

       C                             F                   C
We came from the coast, God knows why
Needed a place to let the smoke up to the sky
       C                                      F            C     C        G                 F
We all came together to let it all fall away.    To dance and to play

We met on the playa, the ancient lake
There were dreams to live and love to make
I looked you in the eye, and set you free.   Free to find your destiny

            C                       Dm        G                                                   hamony: g ga a
Let it Burn.  It’s all on fire anyway
           C                             Dm                        G
Let it Burn. Cause holding on won’t make it stay
          F      Em   Dm    G                                                                                f e d g
Let it burn, burn, burn, burn.
           Dm                         G                                                                           a   g
And if you’re still here tomorrow
                 Dm                         G
When the smoke has blown away…
              Dm                          G                 C     F     C     F                           a  g   fe
Must be we were meant to love another day

   C                           F                   C
I stood at the temple, read every wall
Some were filled with pictures, sometimes a few words said it all
            C                                              F                      C
Like I loved you when we met, and I love you still today.
                     C              C                     G                              F
Though my love is the only thing the cancer did not take away.
                 C                               F                              C
And “My dad,” someone wrote. “I tryin’ to forgive you.
And here and now, I must break through.
             C                                      F                   C         G                                         F
So wherever you are your angry son is asking you,   ‘Dad… will you forgive me too?’”


Bridge:          Dm                      G                           C              F                         
There is nothing stopping us in the orange firelight
Dm                             G                       Em                F            G
Take what’s been protecting you and leave it,  right here,  tonight



Sweetly Release

Tim Hartnett

A/G/Bm/A (4 times)
I surrender and sweetly release

Spirit is all I know.
It’s all I have .
It’s all I am

I surrender and sweetly release

Grace is unfolding
And holding
All of us

I surrender and sweetly release

Sweetly release


Walk in Grace

Tim Hartnett

A/ G         A / G / D
Above / Below me
Before / Within me

I walk in Grace / I walk in Beauty
I walk in Peace / I walk in Grace


Healing Waters

Tim Hartnett

Drop D tuning
G /F#m /Em /D  (all with D bass)

Healing waters, flowing down
Born of snow melt on higher ground
Cool and clear, wild and free
I am standing in your stream

On a granite boulder marbled gray and blue
Fallen from the cliffs above and landed in you
Polished smooth over maybe a thousand years
In your current, resting here

Chorus:  A / G D / G D / A
Help me remember, remember who I am
Help me remember, remember who I am
G / A / D / G
Into your waters I release my pain
G / A / D
Make me whole again

Ancient water, flowing new
I will make my confession to you
I have given myself away
I have swallowed a whole world of shame

I gave my innocence to the right and wrong
I’ve plead my case now for far too long
I gave my faith to someone else’s god
I lost my voice when I heard them applaud
I gave my body to the wounded man
And I woke in a scared and angry land
I poured my loneliness into an epic poem
And spent my whole life searching for home


By the strength of the rock below
And by the cool touch of your soothing flow
I open to what I could not see
And I let forgiveness wash over me



Heaven Now

Tim Hartnett

Riff:  Em-D-C-Bm-C-G-C-D

C / D
You come when I’m quiet
I can hear you now
Cool as a soft breeze
On my hard-working brow
And I lean into you
And it all falls away
Like the long caress of a lullaby
When I hear you, when you say

C / D
Heaven Now
Em  G / D
Heaven Now


Where did the day go?
Where were you? Where was I?
Twilight brings a gift
And it’s wrapped in a sigh
So I lay aside all my precious plans
And I sip the evening sky
And I have no more objection
To voice living inside

C / D
Heaven Now
Em  G / D
Heaven Now


C / D
Heaven Now


In Your Arms

Tim Hartnett

Capo 3
G  C  G  C  Em  Am  D

Love is all there is
In your tender kiss
Hold me in your arms
In your arms

O-o-o carry me
Lift my soul and body
Gently in your arms
In your arms

Safe now, here with you
There is nothing we need to do
But to feel you holding me
Holding me


Water & Stone

Tim Hartnett


Dm Am Dm Am G Am G Am

I’m going home now
Water and stone
Grey smoke is rising
I’m going home

Warm is the fire
Strong is the storm
I’ve known desire, since the
Day I was born

We are but children
We run and we play
Innocent children
All of our days

Dm G Em Am F C G

Ask all your questions
And say what you know
Truth holds us steady
Wherever we go

There is a meadow
And a clear flowing stream
When I close my eyes
It’s all I can see

Dm G Em Am F C G

When we stop seeking
Where will we go?
This blessed journey
Is all that I know

First Verse


Not On Any CD



Tim Hartnett

No capo
[G] [G] [Am] [D]

[G]The day the [Bm]world began, [C]with one [G]great big bang
[Em]We were [Bm]standing there, [C]wind blowing [D]in our hair
[G]When light first [Bm]landed here, [C]out of the darkness [G]we appeared
[Em]Our mother the [Bm]briney sea, [C]our father e[D]ternity. (pause)

[G]And when you [Bm]kissed my lips, [C]let your hand fall [G]to my hips
[Em]I did not [Bm]pull away.  [C]There was no [D]need to say
[G]That we were [Bm]born to be, [C]witness to this [G]mystery
[Em]Like the [Bm]Holy One, [C]when his [D]work was done. (pause)

[C]Water [D]Wind [G]Earth and [C]Fire
[Am]All of [D]you all of [Em]me
[C]Water [D]Wind [G]Earth and [C]Fire
[Am]All that [D]is Blessed [G]be

[G] [G] [Am] [D]

Instrumental Verse

[G]We will never [Bm]really die, [C]there will be no [G]last “Goodbye”.
[Em]Just a pause to [Bm]hear the drum, [C]play a brand new [D]rythym.
[G]When the sun shines [Bm]through the trees, [C]the creek will sing our [G]melodies
[Em]That’s the water [Bm]from the rain, [C]flowing to the [D]sea again. (pause)

[G]When we finally [Bm]understand, [C]the song rising [G]from this land
[Em]Our father [Bm]will be here.  [C]Our mother [D]always near. (pause)
[G]Come and [Bm]stand with me, [C]beside the [G]stormy sea
[Em]Listen [Bm]to the wind, [C]It calls us [D]home again. (pause)

[C]Water [D]Wind [G]Earth and [C]Fire
[Am]All of [D]you all of [Em]me
[C]Water [D]Wind [G]Earth and [C]Fire
[Am]All that [D]is Blessed [G]be

[G] [G] [Am] [D]
Blessed Be
Blessed Be
Blessed Be