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Just Love

Amy Cooper

Lead vocals, songwriting


Tim Hartnett

Acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriting, recording


Andrew Davis

Electric guitar, backing vocals, songwriting, recording


Mike Weaver

Keyboard, vocals, songwriting


Susannah Barley



Kerin Meri




We have tenderly held the wisdom that can bring us peace,

Like a stunned bird in our hands

Stroking the soft feathers in awe, before it flies off again.

The time we have left is for remembering.

Calling in the hugeness of who we really are

Leaving the small self with only one name,

To fly into the great Love.

The sky, the sea, the arms of the Great Spirit

Call it God, Oneness, Nature or Love, it is home.

And we are always headed there

The place we never left.


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Just Love Band

c/o Tim Hartnett

735 Chestnut St. Suite C

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Just Love Band

Berkeley Band

"Amy Cooper is totally open, so fragile. she let's her guard down with an incredible sound. It's like she's crying with joy."

"I don't believe I've ever listened to a "non-famous" artists' album so continuously, Come to think of it, the only famous artists' albums I've listened to so repeatedly were probably Bob Dylan and someone else at a not-close second, and that probably 20 years ago."